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Living Legacy ยป Art & Sarah Ludwick

TRIBUTE to Art & Sarah Ludwick

by Heidi Ludwick Hanson

When I first heard about the Arthur and Sarah Ludwick Emergency Care Pavilion, I thought what an appropriate tribute to two people who have likely positively affected the lives of everyone in Glendora. We are blessed in Glendora to have many citizens who give generously to our community, but my parents are certainly at the top of the list having given so much of their time and money over the years to education, health, recreation, child care, and sports in our community.

My parents came from different backgrounds, but were raised with many of the same values (such as the importance of hard work, family, and serving the community). Dad spent most of his childhood moving around the state as work became available for his father at the local lumber yards. Mom spent her childhood in Glendora with her parents who both worked full time as entrepreneurs building a local sprinkler manufacturing business – Rain Bird.

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