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Living Legacy

Living Legacy Showcase Stories

The Hospital has many friends who are part of what has been called the “Greatest Generation” and have incredible stories about fathers, mothers, spouses and other family members who have been part of this extraordinary time in our history.

Some have large families, some small. Some have loved ones living in other parts of the world, while others are the last of the family line.

Some desire to leave their memories and written memories for their children and grandchildren, others want to establish a living memorial for a loved one(s) Legacy.

The common thread is their interest in assuring these life-stories are not forgotten, and in a willingness to ensure the continued health care support provided by the hospital.

The Hospital Foundation Living Legacy Family Showcase program provides these outstanding individuals a location to honor their family’s heritage, and provide a lasting memory for those close and dear.

For more information, or to identify someone who might be interested in being a part of the Living Legacy Family Showcase, please contact Citrus Valley Health Foundation at (626) 814-2421

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